I Choose for love.. Like always.. I Dont Fight..  Angels learned me Everything.. I Am worth it with Ennead, Angels…    Angel no 9, Universal Love.. 

 I Have Angels Free Will…   I understand Sananda       Watch Super Moon 🙂




I dont Listen anymore to Sad Memories of Past, Appointment, Living Out and Spam on Radio… 

llluminati, Sarah, Living Out 16 Y: Forever Alone? Rothschilds WW2 Sachenhausen Raped My Girl, Prev Life This Life: Ruined Changes with Girlfriend



Ennead   Playing By Heart    Rainbow Covenant 42 Rules Of Maat   Our Father          Kevin   Jes Us  John  Girl  Karma System    Experiment?  Ego-Higher SelF







Experiment Lucifer / Michael    One ( Nous ) Neoplatinism    Quantum Wholeness & Higher Consciousness 


Vrienden Voor Het Leven    Party Music     Skrillex Style      (Seniorita – Justin)   Five If Ya Gettin Down











771: Step into your next best self. Leave your past behind,  Do Happy things that resonate with our way of doing things      590 Shine


The Begin




1115, Believe in yourself and your inner strength. You are stronger than you believe. 




Angel of Fertility – Gabriel         Birthday of your Child, 884



 811  Beginning of a new life, New Birth.



150 may be suggesting that a move of Happiness,  to a new home coming up.   

Trust that this movement will usher in positive new energies.























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