Kevin, Carolyn


I Start Love in Light, Healing Hearts To Gods Light, never too Late      I Transform to Positive?         Anonymous,Sananda are God,  ( Unconditional Love )..


I Can Stay Beautiful, thin with Sananda, Angels,   Anonymous, I Love Unconditionally,  I Given  More Love & I Forgive.. 

Kevin   Jes Us  John  Girl Side    Rainbow Covenant 42 Rules Of Maat   Our Father   Playing By Heart    (I Keep Promises)      Karma System    Experiment?  Ego-Higher Self

 I Always gave Unconditional Love ( Mica )   &      I dont have to Become Fat, Ugly..    I Try to Make the best of Everything (Positive Thinking)





Sarah, Illuminati No Love Appointment, 16 Y Living Out, Worship of Lucifer


These Memories are Sweet, hot….   16 Y Nights Alone..     Somebody Loves Me 🙁       


In WW2 Sachenhausen Illuminati, Rothschilds   Raped My Girl, Prev Life       This Life: Wasted Changes with Girlfriend      

Waiting, Crying Nights… Appointment & Always Living Out.. Many Sad Memories… After all This I am still Happy, Positive


They Gave Nothing, Never Showed Love  No Children  No Money  No love, sex, Cried  Nights    LORD PAIN – ” ON MY WAY “?   










I Work together with Michael and the Angels     101, Channeling    No 9, Universal Love    7, Collective Consciousness

Angel System works with Unconditional Love and Free WIll,   ( Higher Self )  Nobody can decide over it or Control ( Ego )  Angels Let me and Others Be Theirself, Gaia is Free Will.. 







Experiment Lucifer / Michael    One ( Nous ) Neoplatinism    Quantum Wholeness & Higher Consciousness 


Vrienden Voor Het Leven    Party Music     Skrillex Style      (Seniorita – Justin)   Five If Ya Gettin Down






I See both Sides as One, & Let everything Be…  I See Life Positive, Create Happiness, motivate,  compliments, And live in the Moment








Cities            Music Angels       Music Light Houses         Radio Caroline / Holy Ship






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