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Love, Beauty and Sexuality

Love of Angels Learned    (0 God Force,)15, Source Love


God & Angels love Unconditionally, without any exceptions.     The Universe/God will always support and give you what you want,


100% of the time, at the perfect Divine Timing:    as long as what you want is always consistent with the Higher Good of all


“i.e. never infringe on other people’s free will”,   AND as long as you are in perfect, complete alignment with your desires



744 is a good sign that you have a strong connection with your angel, Keep it up! Your clear link with the angelic realms is leading to positive effects.





Ego/ Higher Self and Gods Love is Free Will,     




Gaia is Free Will Planet, and I care for 42 Rules Of Maat & Our Father

I Forgive Others and  I Believe in God, Love, I Create Good Times & Dreams, I share,

I am positive, have patience with Others, I am Pure Light, Both Sides,  

 I Create Happiness, Trust in my Inner Wisdom & Intuition,

I accept myself/Others, Stay Positive & Love More


Love is: Not Judging People, Possessions, contol, Not thing about self only,


We, Me As One Is Higher Self, love is social, helping others believe in self,

giving others and self their selfworth back, Motivate, talk w others, Let it be


One, Universe                  906, EternityEverybody is 1 ,  8       Control, Cant own loveAnd the Christ Consciousness

Inner Child,    Mirror:          Heroes          Power of Love       I am Love         Cant Stop the Feeling

Unique, beautiful, I am more, I have it in me, I show I love my inner child,    Love my child like you love your brother sister


Believe in me, I am One I am your Mirror, 

Love me the same, I am boy, girl, I am child,Teen,

Love me like yourself.. I am good, I love my child,

We are beautiful, sexy, worth it, , Let It Be











Angel number 122 brings us a special message. This number tells you that love helps us take our mask off and enjoy life to the fullest.

You have the gifts to make your dreams a reality. Are you ready to harness your personal power and rise up to the challenge?

This is the best time to make your dreams a reality. The future is bright, so you have to start now if you want to enjoy the fruits of your labor.

Think of the angel number 811 as a rebirth of sorts. A new life is waiting to happen, and you can make it anything you want it.





Talent is a signal by angel number 512. This is are god given skills to do a unique thing. You have a very interesting talent.

You are very shy and are unable to present yourself in a normal setting. The angels are telling you to start practicing.

Sharpen your talents. This is a time for you to shine. The universe has got your back.

The angels have said their piece. The universe has given its expectations of you. Do not let the higher being down.










We can Create Ourself, 587 818: it resonates with unity and creation.

This number symbolizes uniqueness and wholeness at the same time.


7 / 722

Angel Number 7 is always regarded as a number of completion and perfection. It signifies that the realization of your desires is nigh at hand.

Although this is often a number of good fortune, 7 also indicates a higher level of spiritual awareness. You are very connected at this time to the divine realms.








Love, Beauty & Sexuality,     0606, Love & Beauty, Beautiful Body








Haniel (Hebrewהניאל‬, “Joy of God” or Hebrewחַנִּיאֵל‬, “Grace of God,” Copticⲁⲛⲁⲛⲓⲏⲗ[1]),

also known as AnaelHanael or Aniel, is an angel in Jewish lore and angelology,

and is often included in lists as being one of the seven archangels.[2] 

Haniel is generally associated with the planet Venus, and she is the archangel of the sephirahNetzach.

The name Haniel probably derives from Hebrew hana’ah, “joy,” “pleasure” (qualities associated with Venus) + the suffix -el, “God.”














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